jwebsocket - Java/Javascript bidirectional communication

Posted: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 by Venkat Pola in Labels:

In my last post i wrote about HTML5 websocket. As i dig into it i found jwebsocket.

Here is my observation:-


1) jWebSocket is a pure Java/JavaScript high speed bidirectional communication solution for the Web - secure, reliable and fast.
2) Make use of websockets if the browser does not support this then it will fallback to flashbridge.
3) Standalone jwebsocket server is provided. You can even add jwebsocket capabilities to existing web servers like jetty,tomcat..etc.
4) Client side plug-in is available so that you can think about only on application logic.
5) Can be used in different ways like Chat, Steaming, RPC, Shared object, Shared canvas. Lot of demos are there in the site.


1) What if flash crashed because of some other application in the browser.
2) Could have provided long polling too as another fallback option.
3) Need to support SSL for all browsers.
4) Could have provided some tool to perform load/stress tests. Since it is not http communication we can not perform load tests using Jmeter..etc.

Finally it is pretty awesome and very good. I am exploring it. If anyone of you using it please let me know about its performance.

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