Learn SCRUM in 10 Min

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Its a nice video to get an overview of SCRUM in short time. Why don't you guys have a look at this :)

50 Startup Logos from 2010 | DesignCrowd Blog

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50 logos for tech start-ups that were launched in 2010 or that came to prominence in 2010 which were categorized them into 3 groups: "The Good", "The Average" and "The Ugly".

50 Startup Logos from 2010 | DesignCrowd Blog

Profile of an Entrepreneur

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Back in July, I wrote about Professional qualities whose source is "The Professional by Subroto Bagchi". Now i am reading the same author's book "The High performance Entrepreneurs". He depicts few points about the profile of an entrepreneurs

1) Self-confidence.
2) Entrepreneurs value their sense of freedom but they are also very disciplined.
3) Entrepreneurs work hard and are extremely goal oriented.
4) Entrepreneurs are flexible, opportunistic and recognize the power of 'emergence'
5) Entrepreneurship is about egolessness.
6) Entrepreneurs love money.

Its my pleasure to find such a fantastic book.

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Venture Capital from Khan Academy

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Back in September, I wrote about Khan Academy saying that World-class education to anyone, anywhere. Not only math and science are the only topics that Khan teaches but also several videos on the subject of venture capital. He explained by taking an example company whose product is "Selling socks online".

You can find the sequence of videos for the following topicsAn assortment of United States coins, includin...Image via Wikipedia

1) Raising money for a startup
2) Getting a seed round from a VC
3) Going back to the till: Series B
4) An IPO
5) More on IPOs
6) Equity vs. Debt
7) Bonds vs. Stocks
8) Bankruptcy Liquidation
9) Bankruptcy Restructuring

Here is the video's link

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