Exercise @ gids

Posted: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 by Unknown in Labels:

Thank god!!!  No regrets in not doing exercise today morning as you make me did both physical and mental exercise while switching between halls and while listening to top notch sessions by great speakers..

Very impressive sessions!!!!

Clan of browser internals resources

Posted: Sunday, April 15, 2012 by Unknown in Labels:

I think every Javascript/html developer should have a look at it. Very nice collection of resources about browser internals..
Round-up of Web Browser Internals Resources

Google goggles + Social

Posted: Saturday, April 7, 2012 by Unknown in Labels:

Just tried googles Android app... Haan so crazy really proved that technology has no barriers.   One thought going in my mind after trying it that what if it moves towards social.

Just imagine we just gave some profile picture and it results back with Facebook,google plus and LinkedIn profiles...

Really exciting but lot of privacy concerns..

Anyways really loved it and I should commend that one great product by great team!!!