jwebsocket - Java/Javascript bidirectional communication

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In my last post i wrote about HTML5 websocket. As i dig into it i found jwebsocket.

Here is my observation:-


1) jWebSocket is a pure Java/JavaScript high speed bidirectional communication solution for the Web - secure, reliable and fast.
2) Make use of websockets if the browser does not support this then it will fallback to flashbridge.
3) Standalone jwebsocket server is provided. You can even add jwebsocket capabilities to existing web servers like jetty,tomcat..etc.
4) Client side plug-in is available so that you can think about only on application logic.
5) Can be used in different ways like Chat, Steaming, RPC, Shared object, Shared canvas. Lot of demos are there in the site.


1) What if flash crashed because of some other application in the browser.
2) Could have provided long polling too as another fallback option.
3) Need to support SSL for all browsers.
4) Could have provided some tool to perform load/stress tests. Since it is not http communication we can not perform load tests using Jmeter..etc.

Finally it is pretty awesome and very good. I am exploring it. If anyone of you using it please let me know about its performance.

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HTML5 WebSocket an alternative to long polling

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WebSocket API The HTML5 WebSocket API

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Javascript Primer

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Lets have a look at facebook's Javascript style. It is awesome!!!

Why while(1); , for(;;); as the prefix of a REST Webservices response?

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Most of the REST web services JSON response will be like

while(1);{"feedItem": "sdf","status": "sdfsdf","updateTime": "sdfsdf"}

Just go through the HTTP calls made inside in Facebook, Google calender, Chatter ..etc then you can find such responses.

while(1); , for(;;); all these are infinite loops, this is ensure that some other websites cant hack other sites data. By using this we can prevent Cross domain AJAX requests made using script tags.

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100 Things to Watch in 2011

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Issues to address as part of the business plan

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I was so impressed while reading these issues which are to be addressed as part of Business plan from Subroto Bagchi book "The High performance Entrepreneur"

1) What is the mission and vision of the organization?
2) What is my product or service? How will it evolve as a family of products or services?
3) What is the competitive landscape? How are other leading player serving the market? What trends do market research and analyst reports indicate?
4) In what way will I be different? Why should someone buy my products or services?
5) How will I get my first, paying customer? How will I price my goods or services?
6) What will be my marketing strategy?
7) What organization structure will I need? What critical skills do the founders possess and which ones need to be supplemented?
8) What capital expenditure will be needed and why? How have I determined and adequacy and the cost?
9) What revenue expenditure will be needed for the same period?
10) How is my cost structure different from that of the competition?
11) What is my three-year cash flow?
12) When will the organization reach break even?
13) What is the funding plan? How much of it will come from personal capital, how much from venture funding and what portion from loans?
14) What is the plan for recruitment, training and retention of people?
15) What are the R&D plans? How will the activity be sustained over time?
16) What are the manufacturing and distribution plans?
17) What are the various risks involved in building the organization?
18) In what way will the team de-risk those?

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