Go Social

Posted: Thursday, October 6, 2011 by Unknown in Labels:

We have been seeing the trend of moving to social from each and every individual. The testimony of this is that facebook has around 800 Million users and recently they announced that around 500 million users are online at a time.

Every individual is spending most of the time in social networks by sharing posts, stay connected to friends status updates blah blah....

That facebook crazy question "What's on your mind?" tempting every one to share things irrespective of the topic.

I think, The era of enterprises moving to social started now. Sounds crazy!!! Yes, this is what exactly "Social Enterprise". It exactly means that "Get in touch about your company branding from your customers, who are social :)"

IMO, facebook did great job in moving individuals to social & hopefully salesforce.com will do great job in moving enterprises to social.

Very nice video on how "Burberry" can become social enterprise.

Go social.. Go Social