Professional Qualities

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  1. Integrity

  2. Commitment and ownership

  3. Action orientation and goal seeking

  4. Continuous learning

  5. Professional Knowledge/skills

  6. Communication

  7. Planning, organizing and punctuality

  8. Quality of work

  9. A positive attitude, approachability, responsiveness

  10. Being an inspiring reference to others through leadership

Source:- The Professional by Subroto Bagchi
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How to handle popups in Flex

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There are two ways to handle pop ups in Flex

By using Flex's ExternalInterface we can write Javascript code in Flex.

1) Using Javascript
Note:- This technique will not work in Chrome alone. And in IE, If the popup block settings are at strong level then this will not work.

2) Using form submit in through javascript.
Note:- This perfectly works fine in Chrome. But in rest of the browsers this does not seem working properly.

So, For my app i have done like,

while loading flash movie i get the browser name. If the browser name is chrome the later is applied else first one is applied.

This is perfectly working fine.

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