Front end development Vs server side development

Posted: Saturday, May 12, 2012 by Unknown in Labels:

I think today's most of the front end developers are so called yesterdays server side developers.
In fact, it happens with me. :)

I took lot of interviews on front end position, most of them are had to work on front end. I come across very few pure front end profiles.

I would say, every developer should be very cautious towards the below distinction of both developments.

Server side : - Both development & the environment that it runs is in your hand.
Client side  : - Only development is in your hand but the environment that it runs is on your users hands.

So, in server side as the environment is in our hand, we can scale the machines to any extent based on the complexity of the app. Hence we can do multi threading , optimum utilization of CPU. The goal is to how max we can make use of machines to get our things done.

But in client side, the environment varies from one user to user.
Some might be in lower end machines/ browsers and some might be in high end machines / browsers.
We don't know what other heavy apps are loaded in the other tabs of the user browser.
More over, in client side Responsive UI matters rather than how much of work is being done.
So never try to flood the browser with heavy tasks. Always suggested to have some event manger which takes care of jobs to be done one by one using setTimeouts.

Last but not least, Just keep in mind that in client side development "Slow and steady wins the race".

Happy development...