Learn javascript from Jquery source

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I hope you will really enjoy following video and will get to know new way of javascript coding from Jquery source.

Paul Irish : 10 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source from yayQuery on Vimeo.

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Reflection in programming

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Generally we might need to modify the structure and behaviour of a program at runtime
(or )
we have to call a method of a class but we will get class name and method at runtime only. I mean during compile time we dont know what to use.

In these type of scnerios we can opt for reflection style of programming. I will show you sample program how to use in different languages.

// No Reflection
new Foo().hello();
// After Reflection
Class cls = Class.forName("Foo");
cls.getMethod("hello", null).invoke(cls.newInstance(), null);

// No Reflection
new Foo().hello()
// After Reflection
new (eval('Foo'))()['hello']()

# No Reflection
# After Reflection
getattr(globals()['Foo'](), 'hello')()

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My Journey in startup company

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I wanted to share few things how i thrive into a startup company.

1) Self motivation
2) Be Transparent
3) Very passionate
4) Be hungry every minute
5) Let my manager knows my strengths, weakness and expectations
6) If I feel disgruntled then analyzed myself immediately
7) Expect less from others
8) Start with doable things once we see any working prototype we can scale it to any extent.
9) Shout immediately if i stuck any where
10) Built Good reliability by attitude.

At least,
I did these things for the first 1.5 years. Later anyhow i get habituated with these things :)

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Javascript memory leaks

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Javascript memory leaks especially in IE during removal of any DOM element (or) setting innnerHTML property. During those actions we should explicitly set "null" to their event handler's property. Have a look at "purge" function in the following link.

Source:- http://javascript.crockford.com/memory/leak.html

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