Google IO 2012 - The Web can do That?

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A very wonderful session about future of the WEB. Rapid growth and very great to see WEB having most of the native capabilities. You can find the slides here. Can't wait to play with these things!!

Leave your legacy

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If you aren't pissed off for greatness, that means you are okay with being mediocre" - Ray Lewis to Stanford basketball men's team.

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5 x 365 x 8 = Change

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I had a perfect "EXECUTION" oriented movie plan. The plan, The commitment, The Sketch & The hard work exhibited in this movie is out standing and can be applied to any category of work.

But i love to apply this formula especially to POLITICS because this is the very worst place where change is required for sure in both politician and citizen as well.

HERO performs several roles through out the film as Mentor , Mentee, Student , Teacher , Slave , Leader based on situations with extreme emotions under self motivation at each moment who finally makes a Common Man to talk like "Come on man!!!"

Entire film has 4 rounds of elections.

1) Election 1 fails though HERO does 200% hard work.
2) Backed up from self motivation, Election 2 wins.
3) Election 3 wins with zero hard work in publicity as he believes what he has done as a Leader.
4) Election 4 - Hero quits politics and enjoys with family.

Climax :-
All media persons targets the hero and question like
-  You are the admirer to each citizen and you will be the next CM too. why did you quit politics?

HERO simply smiles and replies that
- I came here not to become a politician but came here to bring up the change.
- Now every citizen knows how to get the work done from politicians, so my work is done.
                                                             - A very humble response from a commitment oriented guy.

Its just outline, I haven't depicted the movie plan completely. I love to discuss if someone is really interested.


Peda Venkateswarlu Pola

Chrome document.title issue

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We generally rotate the page title for the sake of notifications and once the user gains focus of the concerned tab we reset the page title to old one.

This works out mostly in all browsers but in chrome there is a small problem.

Focus gain / lost of chrome browser works fine but there is a problem in focus gain / lost browser tab. In case of browser tab focus gain / lost, Chrome hides the whole browser tab DOM as the tab is not visible to the user and redraws whole DOM as soon as the tab gains focus. I would say this is really a great performance technique.

But the problem comes here only, as the document.title is part of DOM and it is redrawing what ever we set from Javascript in the onfocus listener gets overrides.

As a hack of this we could reset the title in asynch manner something like below,

window.onfocus = function(){

document.title = your_title
},200) ;

Note : - If you still face the problem even with this approach also, then better increase the title rotation speed to 1-2 sec.
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Responsive web design

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Responsive web design allows users across a broad range of devices and browsers will have access to a single source of content, laid out so as to be easy to read and navigate with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

We generally accomplish it using CSS3 media queries. Found below interesting article which makes use of Javascirpt API's to accomplish it.

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