5 x 365 x 8 = Change

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I had a perfect "EXECUTION" oriented movie plan. The plan, The commitment, The Sketch & The hard work exhibited in this movie is out standing and can be applied to any category of work.

But i love to apply this formula especially to POLITICS because this is the very worst place where change is required for sure in both politician and citizen as well.

HERO performs several roles through out the film as Mentor , Mentee, Student , Teacher , Slave , Leader based on situations with extreme emotions under self motivation at each moment who finally makes a Common Man to talk like "Come on man!!!"

Entire film has 4 rounds of elections.

1) Election 1 fails though HERO does 200% hard work.
2) Backed up from self motivation, Election 2 wins.
3) Election 3 wins with zero hard work in publicity as he believes what he has done as a Leader.
4) Election 4 - Hero quits politics and enjoys with family.

Climax :-
All media persons targets the hero and question like
-  You are the admirer to each citizen and you will be the next CM too. why did you quit politics?

HERO simply smiles and replies that
- I came here not to become a politician but came here to bring up the change.
- Now every citizen knows how to get the work done from politicians, so my work is done.
                                                             - A very humble response from a commitment oriented guy.

Its just outline, I haven't depicted the movie plan completely. I love to discuss if someone is really interested.


Peda Venkateswarlu Pola